Genevieve Piturro - Author, Speaker and Founder of Pajama Program

Find Your Pajamas

Personal and Group Coaching

with Genevieve Piturro

Genevieve Piturro - Author, Speaker and Founder of Pajama Program

Finding Your Pajamas

so you can live & work with passion + purpose

Your Personal Purpose Coach:
your life and it's your purpose, so only you can live it.

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A Personal Purpose Plan for You!

1.  Discovery Session: We’ll discuss why now is the time for you to pursue your purpose and exactly what that entails for you, specifically – is this a Jump or a Slide?                                                                                       

2.  Your Revelation: You’ll learn how to listen to your Heart Voice and define your purpose once and for all

3.  Getting started: We’ll make a list of the resources you’ll need to reach your goal and we’ll create your action items

4.  Designing your Step by Step roadmap: We’ll chart a course for your every move from Day 1 to reaching your goal

5.  Gathering your own human connections and we’ll organize them as your personal assistant network

6.  Finalizing budget and timeline

7.  Creating your Vision Board: See your dreams in pictures and words, emotionally connect to your goals, and manifest them in your life    


Group Masterclasses

  • 7-Steps for Living a More Fulfilling Life

  • 7-Steps for Designing Your Vision Board

  • 7-Steps for Designing Your Life

  • 7-Steps: How to Empower & Inspire Your Team

  • 7-Steps: Leadership from the Heart

  • 7-Steps: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

  • 7-Steps: Pursuing your Purpose and Passion during the Coronavirus Pandemic

  • 7-Steps: Tapping into your Heart Voice

  • 7 Strategies to find Meaning at Work 

  • 7 Steps to Take When You Realize You've Taken the Wrong Turn: It’s never Too Late to Change Direction!

  • 7-Steps to Starting a Nonprofit from the Ground uP

  • 7-Steps to Tap into the Human Connection to Achieve your Goals

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Genevieve Piturro - Author, Speaker and Founder of Pajama Program

Let's help you Find YOUR Pajamas

and do more of what makes you happy!