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Between Teacher and Student, a very Human Connection!

Nobody says it better, or funnier than teacher Rita Pierson. In her TED talk below, she focuses on how Human Connection sets us up for success beginning in grade school: This is Founder Friday, a Forum for the Human Connection. No matter what career you choose the Human Connection can bring us closer to a win-win in business. I received this note from Lisa, an engineer, who shared how the Human Connection helps her at work:  "I run into this all of the time working with engineers.  :)  It's one thing to talk over the phone, but a whole other to talk face to face.  I have found when I do make an effort for the face to face he/she will say, "Oh, I've been meaning to ask you/discuss with you ______."  It's like they know I've made an effort to be there/hear them and they know I feel like what they have to say is important.  Sometimes it's the face that gets them talking." Absolutely. The face and the heart. How is the Human Connection changing your work life?

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