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Bruce Springsteen Champions The Human Connection.

This is Founder Friday, A Forum for The Human Connection.

Springsteen is a storyteller who knows the power of telling his stories through music. This year he knew nothing could compare to sharing his stories LIVE, in a theater full of people yearning to connect with him in the same room.

Springsteen always knew how to relate to us, make us feel his pain and share in his times of triumph. We knew what he meant when he said he was born to run and we all ran with him. We had hungry hearts too and glory days from time to time. Those of us born in the USA got it. We got him. We were him.

We connect to Bruce in so many ways. He has the power to make us feel a part of his life, his dreams. He makes us rally for him because we know he's on our side. He gets us.

"In a day and age where listeners are apt to fall victim to anxiety induced by sensory overload, Springsteen on Broadway was the genuine experience that had us stop, let down our guard, and remind us what it means to be human; the magic trick Springsteen continues to champion all these years later."

Let's find ways to rally for one another, be each other's champions, invite The Human Connection to take our business - and life - to the next level.

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