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Put Your Hand in My Hand

This is Friday, a Forum for the Human Connection

Some days we breeze right through. Everything is going our way and the hope we feel in our hearts is assuring us our stars are aligned.  There's someone to lean our right, to our left.  We know we're in this together and that nothing's going to stop us.

Some days it's hard to keep going. Some days it's really hard. But we keep trying. We keep reaching out. We believe in ourselves and we keep believing in each other. We show up for one another. That's what we do. It's in our blood, it's in our spirit. It's in the songs that last forever in our hearts. Thank you for the smile and the reminder, Starship...163M views can't be wrong....

And we can build this thing together

Standing strong forever Nothing's gonna stop us now And if this world runs out of lovers We'll still have each other Nothing's gonna stop us Nothing's gonna stop us now Let the world around us just fall apart Baby we can make it if we're heart to heart   Have a listen and show up for someone who needs you.

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