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The Purpose Project: Your Purpose Could be a Surprise Revelation!

You may never be able to guess where or how you'll find your purpose. I am not a mom myself, but I am a devoted daughter who learned, late in life, the profound meaning of a loving mom at my bedside as I drifted off to dream. It took me years to learn it’s this sacred, quiet bonding time that lays the foundation for a child’s self-worth and self-love that gives us the strength to move past obstacles and challenges as we grow into adulthood. Many like me have our mothers to thank for this gift; their bedtime love is truly magical. Stories, a glass of milk, secrets and laughter, and of course warm cozy pajamas, were all part of our pre-slumber ritual. Starting Pajama Program 20 years ago was because my mom's deep insights about bedtime were missing for the children I visited. But as I write in my book, "it’s not about the pajamas.

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