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Genevieve Piturro
Be a Voice that Moves the World
Genevieve's journey has taken her from a little girl's question in a shelter to the OPRAH show to boardrooms and stages across America to talk about purpose-driven leadership and the power of the human connection.
"One woman came up with her own idea to honor her calling, and her name is Genevieve Piturro."
- Oprah Winfrey


Clients & Audiences Are inspired by Genevieve

“Genevieve Piturro was an absolutely amazing speaker. Not only did she share her story authentically, she connected it to our mission and created moments of magic in the room."

- Jaymes Sime., President & CEO
Child Saving Institute, Omaha, NE

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"“Everyone raved about your session!!! Even our videographer said he has covered an endless number of events and you hit it out of the park as an incredible Keynote Speaker, and that goes to how absolutely genuine you are as a person, and the passion and intent of your mission to connect with people and help them.  Thank you again, you have a pure heart of gold, and I can't believe how lucky we were to have had you as our Keynote Speaker with the most perfect message, simply amazing!”

- Susan Chandler,
New Jersey League for Nursing

Genevieve Piturro - JP Morgan Chase

"When Genevieve addresses the audience and shows us that each of us can make a difference there is an instant connection and we're all motivated to get involved."

- Carmen L. Hudson
AVP, JP Morgan Chase

Genevieve Piturro - Carter's

"You touched so many people today. You are an amazing woman that I am so lucky to have met. I want to make a difference like you."

- Lisa Evans
EVP, Carter's


"Genevieve’s presentation to Legatus touched on some of the most important aspects of the human experience — vulnerability, compassion, and our unique purpose. Her incredible story brought tears to the eyes of our members. In short, the presentation was impactful and emotionally powerful. "

- Kelly S. Andino
NYC Legatus Conference at
St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC

"Genevieve’s work on purpose and legacy is fabulous. Compelling, heartfelt, inspiring. She shares a wonderful combination of passion and a proven process to realize your dreams.."

- Judy Newman
Chief Impact Officer, Scholastic

"If this is the next 30 yrs of your life, is this enough?"

Genevieve's Story: A Little Girl, a Purpose, and a Legacy

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I was a successful and single television marketing executive in New York City when my life changed forever. One afternoon while sitting alone in my living room, I heard my inner voice quietly, yet clearly, ask me: “If this is the next thirty years of your life, is this enough?

I was stunned. And in a millisecond, I knew what was missing - children.

I started to read to children in an emergency shelter in the evenings, and one night after story time, I followed them to the “bedroom.” The children slowly climbed onto couches and futons. Some were crying as the caregivers tried to comfort them. There were no hugs from moms or dads, no snacks, whispers, or prayers. There was no changing of their clothes from the tight or soiled clothing they arrived in. I knew this was not at all how bedtime was supposed to be for a child and  the words that tumbled out of my mouth surprised me, “Can I bring the children pajamas?” The following week I did, and a little girl’s question rocked my world. The life and leadership lessons I learned over the next 24 years are what I now teach and share in my presentations.

I took a leap of faith, left my life as I knew it, and Pajama Program was born. Going from corporate executive to founder/entrepreneur was not easy, but after much fear and doubt, thousands of sleepless nights, and tears that could fill the Atlantic, I overcame challenges I thought would ruin everything. I met each turn with faith, determination, and moxie. When I found my purpose, a chain of events that followed met the unbridled power of The Human Connection. Our voice was heard and a legacy was launched.

Now I want to inspire you to lead with Purpose, embrace The Human Connection and Become a Voice that Moves the World.

So ... if this is the next 30 years of your life,

is this enough?

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