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"One woman came up with her own idea to honor her calling, and her name is Genevieve Piturro."
- Oprah Winfrey
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If this is the next 30 yrs of your life, is this enough?

That was the question that started it all for me, and it came from my heart. Now, everything I do is about empowering you to create a more fulfilling life and be a more purposeful and impactful leader. As I like to say, it starts with FINDING YOUR PAJAMAS!


You see, my life changed forever the day I made it my mission to get children in emergency shelters across New York City a pair of pajamas. Such a simple gesture touched so many hearts big and small, and we expanded across the country! Before I began volunteering to read bedtime stories to these children, I had no idea that tens of thousands of them were going to bed every night without pajamas. You can imagine the trauma, despair, and loneliness I saw in the children’s faces and that broke my heart, over and over again. Once I began my visits with pajamas, my heart seemed to know what to do – I had found my purpose – in PAJAMAS.


Instead of just dreaming about doing something great, I founded Pajama Program, which is changing the lives of children, but also impacting so many of our supporters’ lives too. Learning to listen to the voice in my heart changed my life forever and helped me become the person – and leader - I always wanted to be. And in the middle of it all, I found myself being interviewed by Oprah!


Now, Let’s Talk About YOUR  Purpose, Passion, and Leadership!

I have learned that everything begins when we find purpose in our lives. So many of us are re-evaluating our paths because we want more fulfillment. We want the work we do and the people we do it with to make a difference in this world. This kind of thinking can transform how you do your job, how office teams work together, and how leaders at every level lead. 

I want to help you listen to your heart voice, honor your purpose and your passion, and FIND YOUR PAJAMAS!

Genevieve Helps You Find Your Purpose and Passion

Genevieve Piturro

Keynote Speaking

Engage your audience from start to finish. Inspire them to find purpose, and make sure they leave motivated to do better, more meaningful work individually and together.

UJA Women’s Symposium

Leadership Programs

Unique presentations and interactive workshops to build up your team...and your bottom line. 

Genevieve Piturro

Business Consulting

Let's take your leadership and organization to the next level by honoring the value of leading with meaning in this new normal.

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Personal Coaching / Group Masterclasses

Living a more fulfilling life means taking the time to invest in yourself. Let's find out if it's a Jump or a Slide that gets you on the path to that dream. It just takes this first step to change your life in ways you've never imagined and you will know more joy, freedom, peace and satisfaction.  Imagine that! 

Purpose, Passion and Pajamas
is now available

This book is the story of how I found meaning and purpose in my life & work, and how you can, too.

When we restore the human connection to our lives, we also  restore meaning to our lives because we start to care about each other and  what we can accomplish together.

How do I know this? Because I was disconnected myself 20 years ago. It took a little girl’s simple question to unnerve me and then propel me into a life filled with meaning.


I am a witness to the power of the human connection  at work and the impact of  leading with meaning.

If it happened for me, it can happen for you.

Special thanks to the publishing team at Greenleaf Book Group, photographer Frank Rivers for the cover's pajama photo, and artist Nicole Caggiano for the surprise sketch on the last pages!


Clients, Audiences & Readers Are inspired by Genevieve

Genevieve Piturro - The Oprah Winfrey Show

"One woman came up with a simple idea to honor her own calling and her name is Genevieve Piturro."

- Oprah Winfrey
Watch Genevieve on Oprah on the Press page

Genevieve Piturro - JP Morgan Chase

"When Genevieve addresses the audience and shows us that each of us can make a difference there is an instant connection and we're all motivated to get involved."

- Carmen L. Hudson
AVP, JP Morgan Chase

Genevieve Piturro - Carter's

"You touched so many people today. You are an amazing woman that I am so lucky to have met. I want to make a difference like you."

- Lisa Evans
EVP, Carter's


"Genevieve’s presentation to Legatus touched on some of the most important aspects of the human experience — vulnerability, compassion, and our unique purpose. Her incredible story brought tears to the eyes of our members. In short, the presentation was impactful and emotionally powerful. "

- Kelly S. Andino
NYC Legatus Conference at
St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC

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"I wouldn’t be true to the “books” part of my IG handle if I didn’t talk about my favorite reads here, too. I’m almost done with this one by Genevieve Piturro and I’m inspired beyond belief. Think Eckhart Tolle meets Brené Brown with a transformation story that’ll inspire you to find your own authentic purpose!"

- Carla Ammons


The Find Your Pajamas Blog


Are you Wondering, "what's my purpose ... how do I even begin to find it?"

Your answers about finding your true purpose, why you’re here and what will bring more joy to your life, are all inside you.


Spend some time going inward. Learn

to meditate or sit alone quietly in a place that brings you peace. Listen for your heart-voice, it will begin to speak to you. Be honest with yourself about why you made the choices you did. Allow yourself to now finally follow your own path. It seems like we’re always looking around . . .


Your Purpose Can Drop from the Sky

Believe me, when I tell you, your purpose can show up at any time and in any form! This excerpt fro . . .

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Don't Let Tradition Hold you Back from your True Purpose

You followed the safe path, but is your heart voice challenging your head voice now? . . .

So ... if this is the next 30 years of your life,

is this enough?