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About Purpose, Passion, and Moxie

Purpose, Passion, and Moxie is Genevieve Piturro's personal account of how to overcome fear, doubt, and limited resources to make the leap and set up a nonprofit when your heart is nudging you to take action. If you want to start a nonprofit, her purpose is to help you feel less alone in a complex world where you're looking for answers, guidance - and most importantly - support. Genevieve weaves personal stories together with lessons learned to help you meet challenges with faith, determination, and moxie. She includes links to resources with specific information on topics including documentation filing, legal requirements and financial issues. In Purpose, Passion, and Moxie, Genevieve illustrates how with purpose - and a chain of events - you can create a legacy only attributable to the magic of human connection.




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Live with PURPOSE.  Act with PASSION.   Launch Your Legacy.
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Thank you, Forbes, for including my book in your Council's Executive Library and for your kind words about it.
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Memoir awards
"I wouldn't be true to the "books" part of my IG handle if I didn't talk about my favorite reads here, too. I'm almost done with this one by Genevieve Piturro and I'm inspired beyond belief. Think Eckhart Tolle meets Brené Brown with a transformation story that’ll inspire you to find your own authentic purpose! Everyone needs their hands on this book .... "
- Notable book blogger, Carla Ammons

"The inspirational behind-the-scenes story of a social service entrepreneur. In many ways, Piturro’s debut memoir is emblematic of the American dream. A charming, engaging, and uplifting motivational book."

-Kirkus Reviews

Honored to be awarded, FINALIST among such incredible authors!

"Purpose Passion and Pajamas: How to Transform Your Life, Embrace the Human Connection, and Lead with Meaning by Genevieve Piturro is a powerful and inspiring guide to help you overcome struggles and begin a journey into a transformative leadership role. Author Piturro felt like a lot of you do in the world when you're dissatisfied with your station in life because you know you aren't fulfilling your dreams and potential. The author was firmly perched on the corporate ladder of success as a TV marketer, but all of that changed when a little girl posed a heartbreaking question that led Piturro to create the Pajama Program, a nonprofit that began in 2001. She never thought that this would be the road she would detour onto, but it has inspired outreach and caring all around the world. This nationally recognized story--from Oprah to the morning shows--is about more than pajamas, it's about heart, and children reading, and answering a call.

This true story is more captivating and entertaining than a work of fiction. Going from corporate to philanthropy wasn't easy, but she met the challenges with determination and grace. I like how the book chronicles the downs as well as the ups. But besides the author telling her own amazing story, she wants to help others identify their gifts, strengths, and purpose, even when it seems impossible or people tell you it can't be done. Given how easy it is for some to fall into depression during the fallout of COVID-19, it's refreshing to hear that there are people like Piturro willing and able to share valuable tips and tools for making a change in not just a career, but in life too. Leadership comes easier to some than others, but this author shows how just being yourself and reaching out with a caring attitude toward others can propel you closer to a leadership role.

The book offers hands-on advice that you can use in your own goal-setting. For example, know that it often takes more than one person to get something done. You can involve like-minded individuals to help you. As a former social worker, I especially appreciate the author's points on listening to your inner voice, treating others with respect, and striving to connect with others. I also like the relevant current examples of race and injustice that the book covers. The author isn't afraid to talk about these things, which makes this a book that can transform your life. My favorite part is where the little girl asks the pivotal question about pajamas. It will probably bring tears to your eyes too. Purpose Passion and Pajamas by Genevieve Piturro is the must-have guide for living and making monumental changes, starting today."


Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Readers' Favorite


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About the Book

Genevieve Piturro Book Launch
Genevieve Piturro Book Launch

Book Press

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“I have personally been involved with Genevieve’s journey with Pajama Program since its early days. She left her comfortable career to take a chance on a voice from her heart that deeply challenged the life she thought she wanted. Genevieve is an inspiration to anyone who ever felt trapped in a job or life. She’s an example of how to take the leap that will fill your life with purpose and help you to be the person you really want to be.”

-Meredith Vieira

Broadcast Journalist & Television Host

“Genevieve’s decision to dramatically alter her career path after nearly 20 years was a leap of faith that has taught her about trusting yourself and living a life you believe in. She has met challenges every step of the way and is open and eager to share all the lessons she’s learned. As an author myself, I understand what it takes to translate your heartfelt purpose onto the pages of a book. I found my purpose as a chef, and I know Genevieve found her purpose in pajamas! Now she pours her heart out in the hopes of helping others find their pajamas!”

-Carla Hall

Chef, Author, TV Host

"The beautiful and inspiring journey of Genevieve Piturro reinforces the true meaning of purpose, passion, and relentless determination. It reminds us all how the power of ONE and human connections can change lives."

-Laura Schroff

#1 New York Times & Internationally
Bestselling Author of An Invisible Thread

“Genevieve has inspired thousands of Carter’s employees and our customers to join in her mission to ensure that millions of children in need know that they are loved.”

-Michael D. Casey

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Carter’s, Inc.

Now Available!

This book is the story of how I found meaning and purpose in my life & work, and how you can, too.

When we restore the human connection to our lives, we also  restore meaning to our lives because we start to care about each other and  what we can accomplish together.

How do I know this? Because I was disconnected myself 20 years ago. It took a little girl’s simple question to unnerve me and then propel me into a life filled with meaning.


I am a witness to the power of the human connection  at work and the impact of  leading with meaning.

If it happened for me, it can happen for you.

Special thanks to the publishing team at Greenleaf Book Group, photographer Frank Rivers for the cover's pajama photo, and artist Nicole Caggiano for the surprise sketch on the last pages!



Genevieve Piturro - Author, Speaker and Founder of Pajama Program

"Leaders empower  others to tell their stories. No one's story is little. In my story, the children are little, but their stories are not. And even small acts,  be they kind or cruel, can change the story of another life - and ours."

About the Book

Purpose, Passion, and Pajamas is my personal journey. But more than that, it is a love story that compelled me to transform my life when I thought it was too late. It started with a little girl’s simple question and was followed by a tremendous and awe-inspiring show of compassion throughout the US and beyond.

Twenty years of courage and commitment, conquering fears and holding fast to faith are wrapped up in some pretty eye-opening lessons on leadership. And did I mention all the doubts about jumping off the corporate ladder?


These heartwarming and heartbreaking moments inspired me to stay the course every single day.  It is my hope that they will encourage and support you if you too are looking to transform your life and find your purpose—or as I say, find your pajamas.     

- Genevieve Piturro
Genevieve Piturro Book Launch

From the Publisher

Purpose, Passion, and Pajamas: How to Transform Your Life, Embrace the Human Connection, and Lead with Meaning is the story of Genevieve Piturro’s triumphant leap off the corporate ladder to find her life’s true calling. Her challenges and transformation will inspire you to courageously find your own authentic purpose.

What started with a simple question from a little girl led to an awe-inspiring show of compassion throughout the US and beyond. In her narrative, Genevieve brings you to the heart of the matter with eye-opening lessons in leadership, and the tools and motivation to “find your pajamas.” 

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