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"Hi Gen - we are inundated with topics from presenters but there was something about your work that was more appealing and "different" from the usual leadership/motivation themes out there.  I really enjoyed your session.  Thank you for working with APPA."
- Steve Glazner, Director of Knowledge Management for APPA

Keynote Speaker
TAFE Teach Tomorrow Summit - March 3, 2022, Hilton, Dallas, TX

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

  • CSI PurseOnalities 2022 - Keynote Speaker
    Nov 03, 11:00 AM
    Hilton, 1001 Cass St, Omaha, NE 68102, USA
  • Keynote Address - Cleveland, OH
    Thu, Nov 17
    Cleveland, OH
    Nov 17, 9:00 AM
    Cleveland, OH, Cleveland, OH, USA
  • The Conversation: Women's Initiative & Symposium
    Sep 23, 12:00 PM
    Molloy University, 1000 Hempstead Ave, Rockville Centre, NY 11570, USA
    Redefining Your Purpose

Recent Speaking Engagements

Featured Speaker: Celebrating Purpose and the Power of One Another

Honolulu Association of Insurance Professionals, (HAIP)
January 20, 2022 (virtual)

"A wonderful speaker with a powerful message to start of our year! I wish you were all able to participate in our meeting today with our guest speaker Genevieve Piturro!  I was moved beyond my expectations.  So much so that my tears overflowed and my heart exploded with the passion and the human connection we experience in our association. (I was a babbling cry baby at the end when I shared my feedback.) Genevieve beautifully wove the story of HAIP and our members with photographs from our HAIP website and our mission statement into her message of purpose and passion.  She was powerful and genuine.   As Katharine said we were all delighted beyond measure, empowered and inspired."

-Maria Carvalho, HAIP Programs Chair

"Thanks again for knocking it out of the park today! Spectacular! HAIP members and guests were delighted, empowered, and inspired by Genevieve Piturro presentation at our meeting.  After several hours, I continue to experience the emotions evoked from her presentation and I suspect others do as well. She offered a message of The Power of One Another, which spoke to the heart of our association and supercharged the start of 2022." 

-Katharine Nohr, Esq, member, HAIP,

Host of "The Wide World of Esports" on ThinkTech Hawaii