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What's Your Legacy?

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Today, leaders are feeling the pull to a more purpose driven life and leadership approach, but they don’t know how to get there. Corporate leaders tell me they are:

struggling to engage employees with the company’s mission; improve job satisfaction; connect purpose to the bottom line, and leave their own legacy as leaders - measured not just in profit, but also on their impact on the greater good. 

"It’s not the Power of One that Changes Things, it’s the Power of

One-ANOTHER that moves Mountains and Moves People"


What's Your Legacy?

“Genevieve’s work on purpose and legacy is fabulous. Compelling, heartfelt, inspiring. She shares a wonderful combination of passion and a proven process to realize your dreams.”

-Judy Newman
Chief Impact Officer, Scholastic

Genevieve Piturro Speaker Presentation 2023

Genevieve Piturro 2023 Speaker Presentation
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Genevieve Piturro:
Powering a Purpose. Launching a Legacy