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"Hi Gen - we are inundated with topics from presenters but there was something about your work that was more appealing and "different" from the usual leadership/motivation themes out there.  I really enjoyed your session.  Thank you for working with APPA."
- Steve Glazner, Director of Knowledge Management for APPA

"Wow, what a powerful speech you just made on human connection. You inspired us all ... people are coming up to me now asking, 'how can I do more to support our work? I want to feel more involved."
- Jaymes Sime., President & CEO Child Saving Institute, Omaha, NE

"[PurseOnalities] was such an amazing event and her message has stuck with me almost two weeks later."
- Maureen Fulton, via LinkedIn


"Genevieve Piturro was an absolutely amazing speaker for Child Saving Institute's PurseOnalities event.  Not only did she share her story authentically, she connected it to our mission and created moments of magic in the room. Thank you to the CSI Guild and all those involved with the event."
- Jaymes Sime

President & CEO Child Saving Institute via LinkedIn

Keynote Speaker
TAFE Teach Tomorrow Summit - March 3, 2022, Hilton, Dallas, TX

Keynote Speaker
Rocky River & Lakewood Ohio Chambers of Commerce Annual Event  - November 17, 2022, Cleveland, OH