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"It’s not the Power of One that Changes Things, it’s the Power of

One-ANOTHER that moves Mountains and Moves People"


Genevieve speaks straight from her heart, connecting to her audience with sincerity and emotion. She credits her success to the leadership style she learned when she discovered the phenomenal power of Purpose + The Human Connection. Genevieve inspires audiences while demonstrating how we can transform our lives and achieve extraordinary success together.


Speaking Videos


Here's what all my presentations deliver:


An engaged audience from start to finish

Emotion, Laughter, and Passion

Inspirational stories and examples with proven results

VIP Leadership Programs are offered by Genevieve as an add on to her Keynotes.

Genevieve created the Purpose ACER Business Leadership Programs to help leaders create a shared culture by aligning the goals of the company and management with the goals of its employees. She has produced and hosted two national Purpose Summits in New York and written two books on leading with purpose and creating a legacy.

Purpose, Passion, and Pajamas:

7 Steps to Re-ignite Purpose & The Human Connection in your Organization

Today's executives feel the pull toward more purpose-driven leadership. They want to bridge the gap between company mission & employee purpose - but don’t know how to get there. Genevieve offers you a personalized roadmap to connect purpose to ROI and the bottom line.

How Do You Become a Voice that Moves the World?

In this presentation, Genevieve demonstrates how to articulate and communicate your message in order to make a lasting and positive impact on the world and the lives of others. Learn the provocative questions that clarify what you want your leadership to exemplify and start the collective movement every legacy needs.

Inspire Change from Within

Are you a leader looking to change the look of leadership – and business - today? This type of rewarding transformation takes buy-in from the top of an organization all the way to the candidates currently interviewing to work with you. Genevieve provides a roadmap from her own journey's twists and turns to help you make the changes that will take your organization - and your team - from successful to extraordinary.

Find Your Pajamas: 7 Steps to Uncover Your Life's Purpose

Are you part of a group or association looking for a speaker to inspire your members to discover - and lead with their true Purpose? Genevieve shares how finding your Purpose has very little to do with shoulds, obligations, and expectations, and everything to do with your heartfelt feelings about what you choose to do with your life. And that affects the world and everyone in it! It's your life and it's your purpose, so only you can LIVE IT.

Serving on Purpose Today

Are you part of our higher education system trying to differentiate your institution through your leadership? Are you navigating your role in healthcare to remain true to the reason your heart guided you to your work? Are you growing a nonprofit today and looking for inspiration and support? Genevieve's lessons in serving others provide valuable insights as you fulfill your calling to empower and advance others.

Preparing for your Chapter 2

Living a more fulfilling life means taking the time to invest in yourself and that dream you've had on the back burner. Genevieve teaches the jump and the slide as options to clear the path for your first steps toward the rest of your life. Be prepared for your life to change in ways you've never imagined - and you will know more joy, freedom, peace and satisfaction.  Imagine that!

Each talk is completely customized for you and your audience. Reach out to Genevieve for more on her dynamic presentations.