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Ask about our next Summit:

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Join us for the first in-person conference dedicated to helping YOU take your first - or next - steps to Finding YOUR Purpose & Living it!


Saturday, October 2, 2021

10am – 5pm*

50 Main St., White Plains, N.Y.

Special thanks to Martin Ginsburg and 50 Main Street at City Square

(*Attendees will receive their schedules at the event and will participate in morning sessions, followed by lunch, afternoon sessions and a special "purpose" meditation to close out the event!)

"That was wonderful! This unfortunate situation we are all experiencing now, although tragic in SO many ways, has also brought new opportunities for people to do things they never get a chance to do. Thank you for that treasure trove of information."


"'If this is the next 30 years of your life,

is this enough?'

This was the question that started me on my journey to find my purpose. How do you answer it?"

-Genevieve Piturro

Beach at Sunset

It 's time. As so many of us re-examine our work and personal lives we realize there’s an empty space, a hole, an unfulfilled aspect we’ve missed, or worst, ignored. We feel incomplete.

Are you asking yourself, Is this all there is?

Do you want work with more meaning?

Are you thinking more and more about that dream you put on the back burner?

Is it finally time to find and live your purpose?

Are you thinking about your “Chapter 2?”

Are you wondering,  Where Do I Start?

If you answered YES, join us October 2nd and we'll help you take the first steps toward your dream.
Feel empowered to honor your purpose, and trust yourself to make the right decisions for you. Believe in the rest of us -
your human connection - to listen, encourage and support you in your purpose.

Finding Your Purpose has very little to do with shoulds, obligations, and expectations, and everything to do with your heartfelt feelings about what you choose to do with your life. It's your life and it's your purpose, so only you can live it.

Pink Clouds

"Thank you so much for your support and encouragement as we step out in pursuit of our dream. Thank you for believing in us in ways beyond measure."

-N & K

"Your words get me over every hurdle in my process!"


"Awesome!  Not only have you done it yourself, you encourage others to have faith and believe in their inner voice."


The one-day, in-person conference features:

  • Inspirational Speakers who have been where you are and want to help YOU.

  • Entrepreneurs who will help you prepare to emotionally and practically act on your purpose…with passion!

  • Breakout Sessions on key purpose goals, including:

          - Creating your timeline

          - Budgeting for and financing your change in purpose

          - Marketing and strategic planning for your goals

  • Our innovative “Slide or Jump” exercise and worksheet will help you decide if your purposeful move to reach your dream is a gentle slide, or if you’re ready for a daring jump!

  • We’ll end the day with a LIVE Guided Meditation to relax and re-set your mind to help making finding your purpose second nature!

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Summit Press

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We’ve been where you are. And we’ll help you discover where YOU want to be.

Our Speakers and Workshop / Roundtable Leaders


Genevieve Piturro

Joining me Oct 2nd are these purpose-driven and accomplished individuals who will inspire you with their personal stories, motivate you through interactive workshops and mentor you as you move forward.

Jacqueline Vazquez4.jpeg

Jacqueline  Vazquez

"Your purpose defines you, but without believing, you cannot walk in your purpose."

Award Winning International Master Wedding Planner

CEO | Planner | Speaker | Mentor  | Educator | Trainer | Author

DSC09822 copy 2.jpg

Nick Pags

"Our purpose is what gives life consistency. It is our mission and our duty to serve our purpose.  You fill the world with a unique light when your purpose is fulfilled, and others grow inspired by it."

Mindset Coach and Speaker 


Mary Shomon

"When you find your true purpose - and live your calling - your life changes forever. Everything becomes so clear. Doors open wide. Amazing people and opportunities come into your life!"

New York Times Bestselling Author of 15 Books | Patient Advocate | Heath Coach | Podcaster

Untitled design.png
Darryl Gaines Photo.jpg

Darryl Gaines

"Purpose: Believing in yourself is half the journey, the other half is commitment."

International Motivational Speaker

Leader | Speaker | Facilitator | Trainer | CSM


Wiley  Harrison

“To live my life on my terms, in my truth, and be that example for others to follow.”



Valerie Carter

"Purpose is not a lifestyle, it's a way to serve."

Powerhouse CEO

VKofficialLogo (1).tif

Risa B. Hoag

"We all have natural gifts and talents. When we put them to use, everything seems easier and happens more naturally. We smile more. There is a sense of satisfaction, of accomplishment, of feeling fulfilled - like our life has meaning – purpose."

President and Founder

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 8.41.48 AM.png

Tom J. Morley

“For me, purpose answers the question ‘Why?’, defining objective and path, connecting dreams with achievement.”

Regional Director, NY Small Business Development Center

Jennifer perry.jpg

Jennifer Safara Perry

"Purpose is what you’re passionate about, and put on the planet for. The unique gifts bestowed upon you are to share with the world, and make it better."

CEO, Sacred Seeds Enterprises, LLC
Award Winning Natural Skincare & Aromatherapy Candles
Author/Motivational Speaker/Educator

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 2.48.16 PM.png

A Guided Meditation with

Demo DiMartile

"Our life purpose empowers us to live from our heart, so we may accept, uplift and love one another. Our Purpose is our legacy."

Transformational Meditation Teacher & Facilitator | Guided Meditation Publisher


Check back weekly for Speaker additions!

Workshops / Roundtables


with Genevieve Piturro

"Right now is the time to invest in yourself and that dream you’ve had on the backburner,” says Genevieve. For some of us, jumping in and figuring things out as we go is what we do best! For others, taking our time and sliding our purpose into our lives slowly, gives us the breathing room we need to plan and prep. Genevieve teaches how to find the right path so that Finding YOUR Pajamas (Purpose!) is the perfect fit.

Rx: Purpose

with Mary Shomon

Even the most daunting challenges provide surprising opportunities that can lead you to your true purpose in life. In this workshop, Mary Shomon shares her story of how her own misdiagnosed and debilitating chronic disease led her toward her own unique "cure:" a career as an internationally-known bestselling health author, educator, influencer, and award-winning patient advocate. Mary will share her 7-step prescription to help you change frustrating obstacles into opportunities, and live a life of purpose and passion.

Your Purpose Can Change The World

Luncheon interactive workshop with Jacqueline Vazquez & Darryl Gaines

We often underestimate the significance of our purpose due to the distractions of our daily lives, but when we set our minds to it and commit to focusing on what our purpose is, the bigger perspective becomes clear. 

You will hear how Jacqueline and Darryl's stories help shape their purpose unexpectedly and on a broader spectrum. In their interactive workshop, you will:

  • Discover the connection between your value and your purpose.

  • Understand how F.A.I.L. will lead you to your purpose.

  • Discuss the behavioral characteristics that will prepare you for a larger "purpose platform."

Your Bottom Line

with Wiley Harrison

I have hustle and a knack for numbers," says Wiley.  "I went to college to stay out of trouble and to my surprise I excelled in math."  For 25 years, Wiley's company, BYB/ Business of your Business, an accounting outsourced solution, has been helping small businesses with their accounting needs, financial growth and overall success. Wiley offers Summit attendees his expertise on what new businesses need to know to begin as financially sound operations, and continue growing their bottom lines year after year.

Stand Still or Take a Leap of Faith

with Valerie Carter

You love your work, but you don't love being an "employee?" Valerie shares how she realized she could take her skills out of the office - and put them right into her own consulting firm.  Learn to recognize your marketable skills and find your own clients.  Valerie teaches, "Find a way to offer your work, on your terms!" 

You are your brand - Now tell the world!

with Risa B. Hoag

In this workshop we'll focus on how to convey who you are and what you stand for in everything you do. Building your image through your marketing is the most important step to announcing that you've arrived!

No Magic Answers, But a Few Magic Questions

with Tom J Morley

Purpose and meaning are elusive to define, but they don’t need to be elusive to achieve. Our discussion will focus on some ‘business-ish’ questions that can help you to better understand what you value, why you value it, and, how to define a path toward it. Purpose can be seen as enabling the integration of our values, our choices and, ultimately, our goals. We’ll look at some questions that may seem simple but in that simplicity lays clarity. Clarity allows us to better see and understand our inspiration and passion. When we focus on aspiration, we can better see our journey and address opportunities, limitations or challenges. A good first step to being intentional and purposeful in what we do.

Your Personal Need May Mean You're On to Something

with Jennifer Safara Perry

Join me to talk about how creating a product for yourself may be a clue to what others need too. We've all come up with ideas and quick fixes for our own issues, but has it occurred to you that it could be more than just YOUR issue you'd be solving with your idea?!  That's what happened to me with my skin products. From kitchen table to global sourcing and sales, I'll be sharing how I conceived and fine-tuned my initial idea, outlined my first plan of action, and then decided on a growth strategy I was both excited about and comfortable with, to sustain our success moving forward.

Check back weekly for Workshop / Roundtable additions!

Participants in the Find Your Purpose Summit receive:

  • Inspirational and motivational presentations on how and why purpose leads to success

  • Small-group conversations with thought leaders

  • Find YOUR Pajamas workbook

  • Notebook with copy of all presentations

  • Copy of a guided meditation MP3 valued at $25 to help you continue finding your purpose

  • Personal mentor

  • Valuable connections to help move you forward

Living a more fulfilling life means taking the time to invest in yourself.
Join us October 2nd!

I'm interested in receiving more info
on the Find Your Purpose Summit 2021!

I'll be in touch!

More Info

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The City Square, White Plains, New York Covid Policy must be adhered to by each person attending this event. Please check back regularly up to the date of the event.

As most of you are likely aware, NY state removed almost all remaining Covid precautions and restrictions on June 15th 2021. At this point, City Square will be following the NY guidance in removing those restrictions on all of their buildings.

Please note however, that the CDC is still advising those who are not vaccinated to continue to wear a mask. City Square will no longer require health screenings or questionnaire as well.

City Square has posted new notices reminding tenants and visitors of the above recommendations. Tenants encouraged to establish their own protocols within their office suites for themselves and employees.

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