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Genevieve Piturro - Author, Speaker and Founder of Pajama Program

Find Your Pajamas

A Virtual Masterclass Series

with Genevieve Piturro

Genevieve Piturro - Author, Speaker and Founder of Pajama Program

7 Steps to 

Finding Your Pajamas

so you can live & work with passion + purpose


An Interview with Lee Woodruff: LEADING WITH GRACE


Tuesday, June 30th, 2020
12:00PM - 1:00PM EST


Online via Zoom

This is designed as a small, participatory class so please register promptly.

When our lives turn upside down, we look for courage and inspiration from someone who has been there. I've been inspired for years by Lee Woodruff's grace in turning her world right again.

When Lee received news in 2006 that a roadside bomb in Iraq injured her husband, ABC News journalist Bob Woodruff, who was covering the war there, her life exploded too. What followed has been a model of what a life leading with grace looks like.

Lee's NY Times best-selling In an Instant, garnered critical acclaim for the compelling and humorous chronicle of her family’s journey to recovery following her husband's bomb injury. The couple formed the Bob Woodruff Foundation to meet the needs of injured veterans, their families and caregivers.

Lee is an author, public speaker and journalist. A former contributing reporter for CBS This Morning and Good Morning America, she's the best-selling author of three books and is a Caregiving columnist for AARP. Lee runs a communications and media training business with clients around the globe.

Please join us Tuesday to meet the extraordinary Lee Woodruff and participate in our conversation to learn what it takes to lead a life with meaning and grace when we are faced with the unexpected.

Masterclass Topics

Genevieve's Masterclass Topics Include:

  • 7-Steps for Living a More Fulfilling Life

  • 7-Steps for Designing Your Vision Board

  • 7-Steps for Designing Your Life

  • 7-Steps: How to Empower & Inspire Your Team

  • 7-Steps: Leadership from the Heart

  • 7-Steps: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

  • 7-Steps: Pursuing your Purpose and Passion during the Coronavirus Pandemic

  • 7-Steps: Tapping into your Heart Voice

  • 7 Strategies to find Meaning at Work 

  • 7 Steps to Take When You Realize You've Taken the Wrong Turn: It’s never Too Late to Change Direction!

  • 7-Steps to Starting a Nonprofit from the Ground uP

  • 7-Steps to Tap into the Human Connection to Achieve your Goals

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Genevieve Piturro - Author, Speaker and Founder of Pajama Program

Let's help you Find YOUR Pajamas

and do more of what makes you happy!

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