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Genevieve Piturro - Author, Speaker and Founder of Pajama Program
"As Keynote speaker, Genevieve not only captivated our audience with her heartwarming Pajama Program story, but inspired them to start their own chapter which continues today. Genevieve is professional, charming and could not have been more perfect for our event.""
-Jennifer Grondahl
"Magnificent Events", Client: Sarasota Community Foundation

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Live with Purpose. Act with Passion.

Find your Pajamas

Speaking from the heart and being able to point to proven results is a powerful combination. I've been honored to inspire tens of thousands of event attendees and tell them my story of turning a vision into reality -- and how they can do the same in their work and their lives. My story has been featured on Oprah, and I'm thrilled to have worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies.


Connecting with audiences about finding their passion, purpose, and leading with meaning is powerful. I am honored to do this work, and driven to reach as many people and businesses as I can. 


Truly, we can all find our pajamas. 

Here's what I deliver:

  • An engaged audience from start to finish

  • Laughter, tears, and passion you can feel

  • Inspirational stories with proven results

You and your team will leave feeling motivated to work as a team, champion your company goals, and feel deeply invested in both your work and your personal lives.   

Genevieve Piturro - Author, Speaker and Founder of Pajama Program

Professional Bio

Genevieve Piturro is a professional speaker, consultant, and author who who founded the successful national nonprofit Pajama Program more than twenty years ago. Her mission is to inspire people to listen to their hearts, lead with meaning, and find their own purpose, passion, and pajamas. Her work has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, Forbes, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal, and was invited to ring the Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell.