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How to Start a Nonprofit with Purpose, Passion and MOXIE!
LIVE 90-minute Webinar & Workshop with Q&A
Thursday, November 9th
12:30-2:00pm ET or 7:00pm - 8:30 ET

Cost: $99
Participants will each receive a copy of my e-workbook, Purpose, Passion and Moxie: How to Lead the Way and Leave a Legacy

I've walked the fires and found my Moxie, and I can help you find yours too.


This webinar is for you if....


...your heart is nudging you to take action but you're not sure how, or where to start. I know what you're going through! Before I started Pajama Program, I knew nothing about the nonprofit world, zero. Starting a nonprofit is not easy, but it has exhilarated my life beyond my imagination and I want to help you feel that same fulfillment - and all the Purpose and Passion that goes with it too!'re feeling lost and fearful.  I took the long road many times because I didn’t know better, and more than once my errors set me back. I found myself without the friends I thought I could count on, and I caused myself financial distress. I also put unfair pressure on a new man in my life who became my husband just as I put my obsession front and center.

Our webinar will include these topics and more: 

* An exercise in knowing who you are, who you aren’t, what you can do well, and what talents you honestly can’t claim

* The three VIPs you can’t live without 

* Your Board of Directors (who does - and doesn't belong there!)

* Your first business plan

* Marketing and heart 101 

* Fundraising  (if the idea of asking for money makes you anxious, we have that in common!)

* Volunteers and Staffing

* Your Moxie!


I’ll share the lessons, ideas, suggestions, and mistakes I made,  and I'll guide you to the best sources and resources for legal and financial matters.  I'll give you my best answers to your questions so you can start moving forward with actionable steps - and at least one big cheerleader - me!


If it is your dream to start a nonprofit, I want to help you on your journey.  So, Don't Stop Believin' and I'll see you on November 9th!

Thursday, November 9th
12:30-2:00pm ET
Thursday, November 9th
7:00 - 8:30pm ET
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