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Genevieve Piturro - Author, Speaker and Founder of Pajama Program

Leadership & Organizational Consulting

Businesses are under enormous pressure to keep employees happy and productive. We try all manner of incentives, team building, and workshops, but something big is still missing. 


What's missing is meaningful work.


Learning to lead with meaning and helping each person harness the power of the purpose and passion they already have ready and willing inside them is the secret to transforming your team.

How can business leaders & teams stay motivated and find fulfillment while achieving organizational objectives?


It's about being wiling to ask questions like: 


  • How can we empower Individuals who already want to make a larger impact within the organization but feel like no one is listening to them?

  • How can employees bring their whole selves to work in a way that honors their personal passions and purpose AND supports organizational goals? 

  • What would it mean to listen to our hearts in the context of the workplace? How could that actually make things better, more effective, and more efficient?

  • What needs to change and how do we make that happen? 

Purpose Coach: Find and Live your Purpose

Living a more fulfilling life means taking the time to invest in yourself and that dream you've had on the back burner. Does this mean taking a jump or a slide for you?  It takes one first step to change your life in ways you've never imagined, and you will know unlimited joy, freedom, peace and satisfaction. Imagine that!


Let's talk about a personalized strategy plan for you to meet your goals.

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Don't fear change. 

Fear being in the  same place next year

as you are right now.

Genevieve Piturro - Author, Speaker and Founder of Pajama Program
Learn to Lead with Meaning
Learning to lead with meaning and working with your team to find purpose & passion at work will transform the way you lead and the way things work. 
Let's set up a time to talk about how I can help you.

"This beautiful woman became my mentor over a year ago when I saw her on Oprah, called her, and she returned the call! She has been encouraging me and been a light when things felt dark. Her wisdom and experience have been beyond helpful ..you are such a blessing to me personally.”

-Cassandra Vera

Room for Restoration

“You so kindly met with me several years ago when I was looking to transition from advertising to a career in nonprofit.  Even though you didn't have a position to fill, it was very generous of you to schedule an "informational" meeting with me.  I'm happy to tell you that the meeting I had with you gave me the confidence to approach others, and I happily have been working as a fundraiser for more than 4 years now.  Thank you””

-Susan Hurrell Nickles

CancerCare Grantwriter

"Thank you so much for your support and Encouragement as we stepped out in pursuit of our daughter Selah's dream. Thank you for believing in us in ways beyond measure."

-Nichole and Khalil Thomson

Founders, Empowered Readers Literacy Project

Genevieve Piturro - Author, Speaker and Founder of Pajama Program