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"I have owned my business since 1993.  Recently, I have been going through progress and changes as life moves us forward.   I engaged Genevieve for weekly sessions to help me process these changes and the stress associated with them and also to help me discover and re ignite my passions and purpose.In our sessions together, we identified my stress triggers and developed systems and ways to identify when the stress was elevating and how to alleviate the accompanying physical distress.

Genevieve has done a wonderful job coaching me through this process.  We all have to do the work ourselves, but having someone to work through the process with you, encourage you and help you see things differently, is invaluable.   I would highly recommend Genevieve to help anyone through business or personal issues on our life journeys."

-Donna F.  Atlanta, GA


Finding Your Pajamas

so you can live & work with passion + purpose

Your Personal Purpose Coach:
your life and it's your purpose, so only you can live it.

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A Personal Purpose Plan for You!

1.  Discovery Session: We’ll discuss why now is the time for you to pursue your purpose and exactly what that entails for you, specifically – is this a Jump or a Slide?                                                                                       

2.  Your Revelation: You’ll learn how to listen to your Heart Voice and define your purpose once and for all

3.  Getting started: We’ll make a list of the resources you’ll need to reach your goal and we’ll create your action items

4.  Designing your Step by Step roadmap: We’ll chart a course for your every move from Day 1 to reaching your goal

5.  Gathering your own human connections and we’ll organize them as your personal assistant network

6.  Finalizing budget and timeline

7.  Creating your Vision Board: See your dreams in pictures and words, emotionally connect to your goals, and manifest them in your life    


Group Masterclasses

  • 7-Steps for Living a More Fulfilling Life

  • 7-Steps for Designing Your Vision Board

  • 7-Steps for Designing Your Life

  • 7-Steps: How to Empower & Inspire Your Team

  • 7-Steps: Leadership from the Heart

  • 7-Steps: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

  • 7-Steps: Pursuing your Purpose and Passion during the Coronavirus Pandemic

  • 7-Steps: Tapping into your Heart Voice

  • 7 Strategies to find Meaning at Work 

  • 7 Steps to Take When You Realize You've Taken the Wrong Turn: It’s never Too Late to Change Direction!

  • 7-Steps to Starting a Nonprofit from the Ground uP

  • 7-Steps to Tap into the Human Connection to Achieve your Goals

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Let's help you Find YOUR Pajamas

and do more of what makes you happy!