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Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Our Find Your Purpose Summit 2021 (Saturday Oct 2, 2021) was an eye-opener. Amazing leaders and passionate attendees gathered for a full day of workshops, roundtables and presentations on how Purpose changes everything. Attendees felt the support, guidance, inspiration and motivation all day long as they shared their decision to make their purpose their life's work. The day's message: Everything changes when you're On Purpose, so...if you don't know, or you're not sure, what Your Purpose - your life's work - is, maybe my Passion 4 Purpose Steps will help you:

1. Set aside 90 minutes in a quiet place where you can be alone, totally alone. One hour is too short, you'll find yourself keeping track of when it's been half an hour, 45 mins, etc. 90 minutes helps you lose track of time and that's a good thing. Bring a glass of wine or a cup of green tea, cookies, music, whatever helps you relax.

2. With pen to paper (absolutely no laptop, no iPad, no notes on a phone, get a real pen and a pad of paper) take a deep breath and ask your heart, "I'm looking for my life's purpose. What are the things I love to do, the things that bring me the most joy?" Listen to your heart and write down no more than 10 things it tells you.

3. Slowly read or say aloud each of the 10 things on your list. As you read or say each one, feel it. Yes, feel the words in your heart. Write down one or two words about what you feel next to each of your 10. Cross off 5 things that are nice, but don't fill your heart the way a few of the others do. You'll feel the difference. Study the 5 remaining and as you say each one, cross off the bottom 2. We'll work with the 3 remaining things you love to do.

4. Assign one week to each of your 3 items and for each week, spend one hour - just 60 minutes - immersed in that "thing." If you can spend an hour in-person doing or watching it, do it. If you can't, then spend an hour talking to someone in that field (people love being asked about what they do) or researching or reading about it. Just one hour. Repeat the process for the other 2 things you love to do, one a week. At the end of 3 weeks you'll have a good idea - maybe you'll know for sure - what your heart voice is telling you your purpose is. Maybe you'll have an AHA moment... Or maybe you've known all along.

Now, start asking your heart how to slide your Purpose into your life. Don't be surprised if you begin to get signs. You can take it slow and If I can help you brainstorm next steps, call or email me. Remember, the Human Connection works miracles when you start asking for help. And the Universe will lend a hand when you need support. Here's to doing more of what makes you happy!


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