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You're One AHA Moment Away

One AHA moment can change everything. Sometimes it's loud and clear and sometimes it's in a little girl's whisper.

I lost a lot of sleep over whether to jump off that corporate ladder 20 years ago. From the moment I knelt in front of that little girl, I knew my life would never be the same. My yesterdays the way I knew them, were gone forever. And my tomorrows were a blank. That's a daunting place to be kneeling.

Scared? Petrified was more like it. I knew nothing about Purpose, or the world I was entering. Not one thing in my life looked the same and all I saw ahead was fog. My brain grappled with foreign thoughts and my movements were rote. Muscle memory kicked in and I did what I was responsible for doing every day, but it felt like nothing inside me was connected. Only one muscle was clearly in charge. My heart told me it was time to make a move and trust myself - and others.

It was several months before I made peace with the fact that I was indeed entering a new life and I'd have to learn how to navigate it. The past two decades have proven two things: We can transform ourselves into the people we wish to be; my heart was right all those years ago.

Have you been asking, "What is my purpose and what could it mean for me and my life?"

If I can help brainstorm or just be an ear for you, please email me at

And let's Find YOUR Pajamas!

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