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CAMERON DIAZ weighs in...

FOUNDER FRIDAY: A Forum for Founders, Leaders & The Human Connection

"I look at technology and it's unbelievable...Sure, you can post anything any time...but you're tied to your phone and dependent on it...We've exported our brain into this little thing we carry around in our hand. We've lost touch with our humanity, our humanness." Cameron Diaz, Instyle, Sept 2019

Make a Human Connection!

Danielle is Atlanta says, HUMAN CONNECTION is the underlying motivation for my career journey; the best parts of my day are filled w partnering and brainstorming w clients and creatives like Max Forstater and I did on our children's book, The Little Water Drop. It makes the quality of my work much better when I connect through more than just email or phone."

How is The Human Connection making a difference for you?

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