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Filmmaker Steven Spielberg's Harvard Commencement Speech

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg's Harvard Commencement Speech a few yrs ago had some heartfelt advice for the graduates listening. His complete speech is in the link below but I've extracted one lesson that hits home because...

Today is Founder Friday, a Forum for The Human Connection.

"And please stay connected. Please never lose eye contact. This may not be a lesson you want to hear from a person who creates media, but we are spending more time looking down at our devices than we are looking in each other’s eyes. So, forgive me, but let’s start right now. Everyone here, please find someone’s eyes to look into. Students, and alumni and you too, President Faust, all of you, turn to someone you don’t know or don’t know very well. They may be standing behind you, or a couple of rows ahead. Just let your eyes meet. That’s it. That emotion you’re feeling is our shared humanity mixed in with a little social discomfort.

"But, if you remember nothing else from today, I hope you remember this moment of human connection. And I hope you all had a lot of that over the past four years. Because today you start down the path of becoming the generation on which the next generation stands. And I’ve imagined many possible futures in my films, but you will determine the actual future..."

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