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For Eventbrite CEO Julia Hartz, Human Connection is 24/7!

This is Founder Friday, a Forum for The Human Connection Hartz told FORBESWOMEN ( that, "The opportunity to inspire human connection is really what drives me....the success of Eventbrite is based on a simple premise - harnessing technology to create an in-person movement." And this CEO can't get enough human connection - she runs the company alongside her spouse while raising a family! "The desire to gather with others in flesh and blood lives in all of us. Not simply to claim we were present in life, but truly connect through a shared live experience." For Julia, Human Connection is 24/7... "We also have date night, and a tradition of family dinners on Sundays with our closest friends. It’s the best way to start the week and show our children the importance of community.” What's been one of your best HC moments?!

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