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FOUNDER FRIDAY: A Forum for Founders, Leaders & The Human Connection.

Please join me on Fridays by sharing your thoughts on The Human Connection in our professional lives today. I miss it and I want to feel it again. I want to be connected to my colleagues, get to know who they are as individuals, share our stories and goals, and have conversations again. We need common ground to build a support system on, to meet our personal goals, and to be successful as a team. We have to restore the Human Connection in order to find meaning in what we're doing at work and care about why we show up, who we are working with and for, and what we can accomplish together.

Twenty yrs ago I started Pajama Program and you know what I had? Nothing, nothing but a story. And people listened and they cared. The little girl I told them about pierced their hearts just like she did mine. And together we built a beautiful nonprofit with a strong foundation based on Human Connections.

There’s definitely a place for technology, but it’s not a re-placement for The Human Connection. On Fridays I'll share your stories here and on LinkedIn and Instagram, of how The Human Connection is making - or could make - a difference in your work life. And if it's missing, let's find it together.

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