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FOUNDER FRIDAY: A Forum for Founders, Leaders & The Human Connection

How does a homestyle BBQ for the office foster The Human Connection?

The annual BBQ at the upstate NY home of ENV's President of the NY Office, David Rush, is not only a company tradition, it's the Family Pumpkin Carving & Scavenger Hunt! "We spend more time with the people we work with than with our families, so this is a good way to understand more about each other," says David." It's rare to meet family members and this way we get to know them too. We work for a lot of reasons, not just for ourselves, for our families. "I feel lucky and I want to share. Everyone lives in Manhattan so it's a trip to the country!"  Here's how both a children's book illustrator and a financial planner returning after a 12 year hiatus seek out The Human Connection..

Danielle is a young, dynamic entrepreneur I met in Atlanta when I spoke at "Let's Conference"..."HUMAN CONNECTION is the underlying motivation for my entire career journey; I started my branding, design & illustration company to help other entrepreneurs have the freedom to do what they love everyday (like I do!) with a brand that echoes their unique personality. The best parts of my day are filled with partnering and brainstorming with clients & creatives (like Max Forstater and I did on our children's book, The Little Water Drop) because it makes the quality of my work so much better when I connect through more than just an email or over the phone."

A financial planner told me last week that after a 12 yr leave to raise her children, she returned to work to find that nobody really talks to anybody in the office now. So she spends more time out of the office because "that's where I can talk to people and it's so much more fun!"

I'll love to share your story of how The Human Connection is making a difference in your life. (

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