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If there's one person who knows about best friends and their very special Human Connection, it's...

This is Founder Friday, a Forum for the Human Connection. King was interviewed by The Cut on "how she gets it done": On having a famous best friend: "Everybody I know needs to have at least one good friend that they can trust — just one! If you’re blessed with more than just one, then lucky you, but a friend that you know you can count on, who will tell you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it, and who’s your biggest cheerleader. That’s important in life, whether your friend is famous or not. Human connection is a big thing." Whether it's personal or related to a work issue, a human connection can make a difference when we need to be heard. Mariana wrote to me,

"Yesterday I met with my trainer to express concerns about workload division and tone of voice from other colleagues when discussing workplace concerns and it was great! It was awesome to check in with her and let her know my observations. She was open to my advice as her subordinate which was great."

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