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It's Back to School Time ... or NOT

It's Friday, a Forum for the Human Connection - and it's also the last Friday of August. For many who mark Back To School by Labor Day Weekend, this would be the week to get your kids ready for school. In some States, many students would already be immersed in studies with their new teachers and classmates.  But we all know the world of school is not the same as it was last August, everything is different and nothing nowhere is uniform. And it could change tomorrow.

But amidst the various scenarios parents and students find themselves in, there is one theory that prevails - teachers make the difference for students PRE and POST COVID. In looking for a "teacher human connection" as the school year begins coast to coast, I found two articles with that exact same premise - one written just pre-COVID in December 2019, and one post-COVID, written last month.  Maybe some things never change.

"The Answer for Schools Is Not More Technology. It’s Teachers and Human Connection" ...

"Teachers play the most critical role in instruction, providing a powerful human connection and an engaging presence that acts as everything from coach to organizer to leader."

Sharing the same physical space or sharing a screen, it's still up to all of us to share, listen, teach, and connect. 

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