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Maria Shriver wants us all to start talking...

Maria Shriver wants us all to start talking...

Founder Friday: A Forum for Founders, Leaders and The Human Connection

So many of us now are looking for connections to each other - and I mean real connections - and it doesn't matter who you are or what you do for a living.

"There's no substitute for the human connection....We're technically connected, but we're not connected," writes Shriver...

Thank you to the Good Day Chicago show who invited me to talk about The Human Connection ... Erin, a PR professional shares how she's bringing back The Human Connection... "I must admit that I miss the Human Connection, face to face meetings and relationships with media members that existed when I first began my career.  My new tactic is revisiting an old tactic. I am inviting media members to meet in person, visit a client store, personally deliver a product or create a unique experiential event to make an in-person meeting happen. Everyone loves a good social media story and by creating a meeting or an event, it allows for a creative story or platform for a reporter to share their story or experience." Email me how The Human Connection is making a difference for you! (

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