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"One of the best things about Kelly Clarkson is...

"One of the best things about Kelly Clarkson is her ability to connect through her emotional songwriting and performances. Bringing Keith Urban to tears is no small feat, and struggling to sing a song written about her complicated relationship with her father shows us that sharing our pain can be a powerful device for human connection."

This is Founder Friday, a Forum for The Human Connection.

Our hearts connect us if we're willing to take a chance, look someone in the eyes and laugh or cry together.  I'm watching those like Kelly who do it so well and I'm seeing what a difference it makes in all ways including in business. It takes practice and time to share space with someone, to listen and talk in person when it's so much faster to text. It's not always comfortable at first but it does get easier. A top exec I know calls it a conundrum,

"We struggle to find the time to set up in-person meetings but we all agree face-to-face makes such a difference in our success. I have no idea why we struggle to find the time, then."

How is The Human Connection bringing you success?

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