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Ron Howard’s Imagine partner, Brian Grazer, on The Human Connection

“We’re reading people’s energy more than what they say. By looking at someone in the eyes, it enables great things to happen….Whether it’s with Princess Diana or John Nash, I always knew you had to make a point of being completely present with them...If you’re immediately taking this simple step of looking at somebody in the eye, that makes a statement to them: “I see you.”

Founder Friday–A forum for Founders, Leaders & The Human Connection

Let's restore The Human Connection to our lives & soar! Yes, it can be difficult to be vulnerable, look each other in the eyes, but to me, that’s better than feeling disconnected. 

Human Connections were worth a plane trip for Rachel Fox, Founder/You Go Girl Omaha,

“Since making the journey to NY, I have experienced much growth both personally & with my nonprofit. The Human Connection provided us with the opportunity to share our stories and passions as well as hear those of others. I have many friends I would not otherwise have met were it not for this experience."

You don’t have to get on a plane-take a walk to a neighbor’s house. Ring the bell. When someone comes to the door, say, “I just want to wish you Happy Holidays.” Oh, and smile.

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