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Thanks AMC for my special Human Connection this week!

I miss seeing my mom and I especially miss our bi-weekly manicures, but I know she's safe, healthy and just a few miles away in an Independent Living residence. Soon they'll be organizing face-time calls so that's very exciting for her...and us! Our new "thing" now is that I call her every day and read her the TV schedule so she can write down what she wants to watch, what time it's on and what channel. We scored big this week with her fave, George Clooney and The Perfect Storm - it was on twice - thanks AMC!

The past 14 days have been filled with incredible examples of The Human Connection.  Probably like yours, my schedule has filled up with online webinars, one-on-one video chats and phone calls with old and new friends, some handling this better than others.  And now we are actually listening to the answer after we ask,  "How are you doing?"

Over the past 20 years, I have seen extraordinary things happen when people meet face to face. Now while we're experiencing just a little of that this week and a lot more "physically distanced" connections, it's clear we're all in, heart to heart. The Human Connection at this time has inexplicable power.  It is profound and transforming and we need to trust it. Everyone is looking for a purpose now.  It is in these moments when we lead with meaning, that we move mountains and more significantly, it’s when we move people. And we're all moving now, although we're not quite sure where yet. Whether via zoom, face-time, skype, telephone, text or email, let's stay connected - giving, sharing and collaborating. We're building a new world. Believe in yourself. Believe in others. And believe the universe is supporting us individually and together. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -- Maya Angelou So true these days. Let's keep Loving .... every day in every way.

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