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The Purpose Project: Make Your VISION BOARD!

Get some paper or a poster board, magazines, photos, markers, tape and scissors. It’s time!

Find a comfortable and quiet space to be alone for at least one hour. Your vision board is personal. It's where you’ll see your dreams in pictures and words, emotionally connect to your goals, and begin to manifest them in your life. I believe when you visualize, you materialize. Some people call it The Law of Attraction - it’s the same concept.

Let's focus on 6 areas of your life for your board: Family, Career, Love Life, Possessions/Money, Hobbies/Recreation, and Power Words. Close your eyes for a few minutes and think about each of these topics. What pictures or visuals come to your mind? How do you feel when you think about each of them coming to fruition? If you're excited about having these pictures come to life, those are the types of images you want to see every day on your vision board. Let your excitement about this future life consume you - it's bringing you good energy. Sing, do a little dance or smile big until you feel silly - no one’s watching!

Open your eyes now and start flipping through your magazines and photos. Here’s the secret: let the photos and pictures CHOOSE YOU. Pick the images and words you FEEL, the ones that call to your heart, the ones that match how you felt when you had your eyes closed. Go ahead and include lottery tickets or dollar signs or stacks of cash on your board if you like! Include images that represent both your short-term and long-term goals. And don’t forget to include YOU in some of the photos. In order for you to call into your life what you want, the photos must call you.

My first vision board was a mix of magazine photos and ads that depicted the life I wanted, places I longed to visit, and scenarios I wanted to find myself in. Sometimes, I just pasted a photo of my face over someone else’s in the ad. My personal photos were of the people I adored and the best times of my life. You can divide up your board neatly into the 6 topic sections or make it a collage. Mine was a very cluttered collage but it spoke to me loud and clear. With a thick red marker I printed at the top, “THIS IS GEN'S FABULOUS LIFE!” and to this day, my vision boards always have that same title at the top – it makes me giddy and giddy is good! If you’ve read my book, you know I put a big photo of OPRAH on my vision board. I was silently but actively calling her to me. She heard me and called me back.

Tape or glue all the images you choose to your poster board. Add some of your favorite power words or phrases: loving, compassionate, empowered, strong, amazing, fearless, in shape, you got this, the good life – you get the picture.

You don’t have to finish your vision board in one go. You may want to sit with it for a bit, adding photos as they call to you. But finished or not, now’s the time to take at least one action step, even a small one. I find this definitely starts the manifesting process.

Is your dream car on your board? Take a test drive!

Do you need more education for your dream career? Go to your laptop and sign up for a webinar.

Do you foresee extra expenses to make your dream a reality? Open a separate savings account for one specific item on your board.

Finally, find the perfect place to put your vision board – a place you’ll see it every day. Before you walk away feeling accomplished, face your board and see and feel everything you've placed on it as if it's IN YOUR LIFE already. Now, close your eyes and send it into the universe with your intention to have it materialize in your life. And every day take a minute to look at your board and see and feel it again. It's strong and bold and fabulous, just like you.

If you need help or have any questions, always feel free to contact me at

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