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The Purpose Project: Preparing for your Chapter 2

If you're making a change in order to live your purpose, you're headed for an exciting Chapter 2! There's a lot to do, but take it from me, enjoy the beginning stages of your process - they're the most fun. The next steps will get more 'real' but are equally rewarding. Even your smallest moves will prove to be big ones in the right direction.

I remember when I first started buying pajamas for the children I was reading to in shelters. I couldn't wait for my lunch hours at work to hit the stores! Nothing else mattered in those hours. I was in heaven choosing a mix of colors and fun designs in all sizes for the girls and boys I'd yet to meet that next time. All I could think about was the pure joy of it all even though I knew I'd have to get down to business sooner or later if I was going to make a major shift in my career and life. I revelled in the bliss of carrying heavy armfuls of pajamas to the checkout, the anticipation of arriving at the shelters with them, reading to the children and then handing the warm and soft pajamas to those precious and shy faces. This all put me exactly on my right path. And that's where my heart and mind were, 95% of the time. Ah, I remember those days well!

Within a few months I realized I'd have to make a plan, even a handwritten one on a lined pad. And so I did. One of the first things on my growing "Change My life To Do List" was to appraise my situation. Looking back I wasn't very honest with myself when I completed that task. I was scared that if I took a good look, on paper, of how this change would very possibly affect me and others, I wouldn't complete this item at the top of my list. I share this with you now because looking back I see how much fear and worry I could have saved myself if I had taken the time to truly appraise my situation and reckoned with the answers I put on that pad of paper. I know I could have looked for smarter solutions - and probably found them.

So now I offer you a few questions to think about. The answers will help you form the next phase of your plan, honestly.

1. How important is it to you to change your current situation? 2. What is your time-frame to make a change? 3. What is the "cost" of making the change? ($ vs personal situation)

4. Do you need more research or education?

5. Who else in your life is involved?

Check back here next week for more "Change My life To Do List" items!

If you'd like to chat about all this, I'm always here for you. I invite you to email me anytime at

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