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Your Purpose Can Drop from the Sky...

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Believe me, when I tell you, your purpose can show up at any time and in any form! This excerpt from my book explains what I mean...

All my running around New York made me dizzy. I knew if I focused in on exactly what my purpose was, I'd find peace. But I couldn't seem to put my finger on it. So I decided to put it to my new husband, Demo - he's the spiritual one. "Do you know what my purpose is?" I was all ears. But his answer seemed like more work for me. “When you go to work on the train in the morning,” he continued, “instead of filling your head with the newspaper and all the daily anxieties that overwhelm you, meditate. Try to still your mind, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and open your heart. Therein lies the purpose of your life and your courage to live it.” He then repeated what he’d been saying for weeks: “Ask the universe for help. Say, ‘I choose to have my life purpose revealed to me.’ Then—and most importantly—just listen. You will be directed.” Meditate. Ask the universe. Huh. Who would’ve thought? I took his advice. On the train at dawn, sitting at my office desk, walking through the city, putting sugar in my coffee, I repeated words to myself like “Please tell me what my purpose is. Please show me what I’m supposed to be doing. Is this what my life is supposed to be about? Pajamas and children’s books?” Nothing.

I was headed downtown one sunny afternoon for a work meeting when what felt like an invisible raindrop “plopped” onto the top of my head, and I heard the words “Pajama Program.” It was subtle, yet definitely clear. It sounded like my voice but gentler and whisper-like

, as if it came from far away. Suddenly, I had an absolutely crystal-clear vision of those words on a sign, hanging above my head. The words “Pajama Program” were in soft, cloud-like lettering, similar to the bubble letters we used to write our names in grammar school. In my mind now, I was smiling, laughing, sitting with two or three children in my lap, and handing out pajamas, with a line of children in front of me that stretched for miles and miles. It reminded me of a scene in The Wizard of Oz, one of my favorite movies to watch with my mom when I was little. In my mind’s eye, all these smiling kids were lined up along the yellow brick road, waiting for their brightly colored pajamas. I laughed out loud at my vision, thinking it was surreal. But my heart was full—this was real. It wouldn’t be just me, alone. If I set up the architecture, if I found friends to help, together we could help many, many children. “Pajama Program.” That was it!

The name Pajama Program was simple and perfect. I knew exactly what that meant and immediately got up out of my seat. It was the wrong stop for my meeting, but I didn’t care. I left the subway and called Demo. “I got it.” “You got what?” Demo asked. “My purpose.”

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