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A 71 yr Human Connection needs a Hug

This is Friday, a forum for the Human Connection.

Most of us can agree that the COVID19 pandemic/quarantine has stolen most of our human connections. We miss being together and almost everything that we shared in person. No one is arguing that zoom is better than face to face and I haven't heard anyone say, "forget the hugs, who needs them?"

But if any two people deserved to hug on Oct 3rd, it was the two friends in the story below.  These childhood friends who survived the Holocaust have COVID19 and a virtual prayer service to thank for their amazing reunion. 

For years the long-lost friends were unknowingly living less than 60 miles apart. On Oct. 3, they were finally reunited.

"“It’s a shame that we weren’t able to hug under these circumstances," Brandspiegel said. "But it was something that I never expected, and this was something that gave me so much pleasure that I’m just crying."

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