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A Special Human Connection Anniversary. This is Friday, a Forum for the Human Connection.

One year ago this week some incredible Human Connections were formed when we brought founders of 18 nonprofits looking to take their work to the next level together with 16 veteran nonprofit founders and leaders. The Inaugural Find YOUR Pajamas Nonprofit Business Intensive & Pitch Contest was a one-day summit that offered our newbies legal, marketing, fundraising, and volunteer counsel through intimate, hands-on workshops. The day concluded with a 2-minute pitch contest. There was one winner - and 19 bonds forged forever.

Over my 20 years as Founder of Pajama Program, I have met and mentored hundreds of people with unique and heartfelt ideas for nonprofits. Some have jumped off the corporate ladder as I did, and others found ways to help while continuing in their day jobs. All had three things in common – 1) they personally witnessed a need and felt compelled to fill it, 2) they shared their visions with everyone they met, and 3) they realized that they themselves needed to find their purpose, or as I like to say, Find THEIR Pajamas!

One year later I still carry those connections with me in my heart. Our newbies continue to share what they’re going through – their dreams, their fears, their wins, their losses, their experiences, and most importantly, their hopes for our world moving forward. Their bold, passionate, and unbridled enthusiasm keeps me excited for our future leaders in every sector. Every one of these Human Connections inspires me every single day.

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