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Ireland: A Paradise for Human Connections

Everyday my eyes and ears are searching for my next Friday Human Connection post and blog! There are miracles in Human Connections - big ones and tiny ones - and I love them all. Every single story reminds me of my favorite lesson learned - it's not the Power of One, it's the Power of One-ANOTHER that moves mountains and moves people.

So when I found this story about a woman making incredible human-heart connections during her visit to Ireland, memories of my trip to the Emerald Isle rushed back to me. Author Morella Devost describes magical synchronicities and gifts from the universe over her 12- day retreat. I knew exactly what she was talking about - my Ireland and her Ireland were one in the same, a paradise of human-heart connections.

Morella writes,

 "They gifted me and I gifted them with the kinds of miracles that are possible through human connection. The kinds of miracles that can only take place when we share ourselves, our dreams, and our disappointments: the miracle of allowing people to do kind things for us. And the miracle of deep, heartfelt gratitude. " 

If you haven't yet been to Ireland, maybe this article will urge you to put it at the top of your "Post COVID" travel list. It will definitely make you feel better!

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