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Music feeds the Human Connection Now More than Ever

Music may come to us through our ears, but where it goes is more important - straight to our hearts. So much of what we are sharing now has become more personal than ever. A song triggers emotions in us and when we all feel the same way about a particular tune or artist, we form a connection, a bond with each other, across miles and even countries. We don't have to be in the same room when the song comes on to feel a camaraderie - we just know in our hearts, that the song we're listening to is touching so many of us in the same way. That knowing gives us peace and comfort right now as we invite more emotion into our lives and long to feel connected. Music is one of the most heartfelt stimuli there is and it's bonding us in extraordinary ways right now. 

 "It’s important that the industry remains in touch with hearts and minds as well as eyes and ears."   

This article in Music Week reminds us to stay in tune with each other as we listen to our favorite tunes:

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