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Our VOICES Are Key Now for our Human Connection

I am constantly looking for Human Connection stories to learn from and share. When I saw this article, I realized how true it is that our VOICES are key now for our Human Connection. A recording studio put out this article below and it rang true to me. Interestingly, the personal impact of our voices crosses over to the professional side of us all,

"The intimacy that the human voice conveys has tremendous power and impact, that is now even more important in business communication."  

I fondly remember hugging new business associates when we met a goal together or celebrated a win. It wasn't just a handshake or a high five anymore, it became more personal,

"In today’s new norm of separation, your VOICE has the ability to bridge the gap and may, for quite a while, be able to professionally replace the connection of the handshake or the hug. In these times of physical distancing, our voice already has increased importance with staying closely connected to family, friends, business associates, clients, and potential clients."

Exploring the Human Connection for me personally has been fascinating over these six months. There's so much more than we ever realized at stake now and our connection to each other is key to finding the answers to understanding who we are individually and together.  It's truly thought-provoking to think about how our voices are more vital than ever in our need to connect with one another now. We use our voices to speak, but really, we're learning about being heard.

Read the article here:

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