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The Human Connection is An Invisible Thread

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing 10 prominent and forward-thinking leaders on my virtual Leadership summit called, "Leading Through Change with Purpose and Passion." These leaders generously shared thoughtful and provocative insights into what business might look like moving forward - from the top. Laura Schroff, the author of the International and NY Times #1 bestseller, An Invisible Thread, was one of my guests and we spoke about leading by example. In the middle of Laura's busy executive life, she made a decision in one moment that changed not only her life, but the life of a young boy, and then countless others when 17 years later, she wrote this book. This story personifies the Human Connection in all its glory, with its highs and lows, exuberance and sadness, and honest reality checks along the way. Laura and Maurice made a one in a million connection that will last forever because of one moment when their hearts connected.

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