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The Purpose Project: Commitment is Crucial

Every single day I look at this framed statement and it reminds me to take the next step. It encourages me to stay on purpose and revere the steadfast power of my commitment. While there are so many reasons we allow ourselves to be pulled off course, fear of failure being a big one, there is one simple reason people who stick to their decisions, stick: they trust that when they need something or someone to help them move forward, they will find it - or him or her!

I've found that finding your purpose and then living it depends on how dedicated you are to it on those days when it's not easy. We may know in our hearts we're on the right path, but challenges come our way and we can be quick to second guess our path. If we've been successful in a lackluster career and then make a bold move to find our true calling, we may sometimes be haunted by our leap. And that's the test of our commitment.

Your resolve to do what it takes to reach your goal and live your purpose has unlimited power in it. Just reading those words for the very first time in this commitment statement moved something in me that generated a whole host of motivating and inspiring feelings in me that remain to this day.

How does this message make you feel? Do the words here ring true about a past commitment you made?

I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to share! You can email me at

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