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THE PURPOSE PROJECT - Getting started

It is my intention in these Friday columns to share some of my insights to help you Find your Purpose.

The idea of finding my purpose was foreign to me because I thought only exceptional people like Einstein, Deepak Chopra, Mother Teresa or Oprah had a "purpose." But I was wrong, we all have a life purpose and each is worthwhile and contributes to those in our own personal worlds, and to the greater good. This column can help free you from self-imposed boundaries that keep you from realizing your goals. The first step is the best part - it's the dream phase so allow yourself to GO BIG!

STEP 1: Listen to your Heart Voice.

We dream from our hearts, not our heads, so look to your heart to find your purpose. This may sound simple, and even foreign. I thought that too, but I know from my experience that it works.

Set aside an hour of alone time to be there for yourself. Grab some paper and a pen - no computers or laptops. There's something magical in putting your thoughts from your hand directly onto paper. It's empowering to feel that energy. Trust me, it's more liberating than typing.

Find a place to sit that you absolutely love, somewhere you feel totally comfortable and at ease. If you like listening to music, play some. Have a warm, soothing drink on hand if it relaxes you, or if you prefer a glass of wine, sip one as you ponder and get ready to write.

Now, begin a conversation with your heart. Ask yourself what brings you the most joy, what makes you feel free when you're doing it? If you don't hear anything immediately, keep asking, stay with it. Let your mind go. Close your eyes if it helps you loosen those self-imposed restraints on "can't do" things. Give yourself permission to be open to all possibilities. Your list can be specific or general such as: horses, children, music, teaching piano, writing a book, etc. No judgement allowed, just honesty. Afterall, only you are listening.

Now, what did your Heart Voice tell you? Make a list of 10 things that you most love to do.

Read over those 10 and pay attention to your physical reactions. Choose the 5 that really move you and feel right to you deep down. Now read those 5 again and choose your top 3, the ones that excite you, that make you feel alive.

In the next week mull over those top 3. Don't force an order of priority on them. Just look at them, read each one and feel what each of them does to you both mentally and physically. Jot down your feelings about each one.

Next week we'll zero in on how your purpose fits in with these 3 choices, and then finally, "the one' that gives you the greatest sense of yourself for living your life on purpose.

Finding Your Purpose has very little to do with shoulds, obligations, and expectations, and everything to do with your heartfelt feelings about what you choose to do with your life. It's your life and it's your purpose, so only you can live it.

If you'd like to share some of your experience with this first step, please email me at All your comments and questions will remain confidential.

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