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The Purpose Project - The Universe Has Your Back

Listening to your heart-voice and then making a commitment summons the Universe as your partner. You've established trust in yourself and trust in others, and trust in the invisible rallying for you. When I began to slow down and listen to my heart instead of my head, I was directed to the answers I was looking for. This will happen to you too, when you are on purpose. Universal encounters will show up when you least expect it - that's the Universe's favorite time! For me, I could never imagine that a little girl's question would propel me onto a path that would change everything, everything for the better.

Inspiration comes in many forms and the Universe often delivers that "aha" moment so many of us are in search of. Resist the urge to chase what you need. Oftentimes we think there's just one way to get to our next step, or find what we need, and we exhaust ourselves with our narrow thinking. We hold so tight to our single mindedness that we don't allow for creativity, synchronicity or magic! And believe me, there's magic out there! The universe knows limitless ways to help us. Don't be surprised when answers, or just the right person shows up out of the blue.

You may feel vulnerable, and that's expected. There are times when it's up to you alone to make it happen. And then there are times when you have to know you're not in it alone. There are seen - and unseen - forces by your side and you have to hold on for dear life and trust.

Do More of What Makes You Happy!

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