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The Purpose Project: Your GOAL, Your LIFE

Now that you've given some thought to who your cheerleaders might be, I hope you're feeling a little braver about giving your true purpose a voice! Knowing there are at least a few people who don't think you're crazy for deciding to listen to your heart and follow your passion makes moving forward a little less lonely. Next I suggest a few action items to get you started on a plan. Whether this is a Slide or a Jump, you'll need a plan. I'll take it easy on you here, but if you want to rev it up, contact me at and we'll go through a more comprehensive list. Start taking notes now if you haven't already started. A PURPOSE notebook or binder would be PER-fect! (sorry, couldn't help myself) Start with giving your Purpose Project a personal and FAB title! Don't worry about being corny or silly, the point is to make it motivating and thrilling for YOU so when you see it, you FEEL the joy of it. Remember, your heart voice is talking. Is your dream to be a teacher? Then maybe something like, My Students, my Stars! Want to start your own IT biz? How about, Making IT Happen! Does your passion include animals or pets? Try out, My PET Project! My initial Pajama Program plan was a 5-yr plan: "Pajamas for Everyone," like a little boy's note read. I literally took a pen and sheet of paper and made 5 columns. You guessed it, I hand wrote Year 1, Year 2 etc at the top of each column. I let my dreams take over and filled in all the items I wanted to accomplish each year. Looking back, I probably would have been better off - and less sleep-deprived - if I took the time to think my plan through. But I was obsessed and stubborn. I didn't have a financial plan. I was afraid to ask for help and the goals that took me months to reach could have taken me half the time, and been half as frustrating. In the end, my intention was strong and I finally did seek out others for help and support. Thanks to so many people (that human connection, you know!) most of our goals did come to fruition - right off that flimsy sheet of paper! But let's go with a better plan for you! Start by dividing your binder into sections with the first header: GOALS along with these subheadings:

  • Immediate goals: List what you would like to have accomplished within the next 30-60 days. These goals can include: info on any education/certification you may need, discussions with people in your purpose field who can add specific items to your list of goals, funds you'll need, and conversations with those who may be affected by your change. Put a "done by" date next to each item.

  • Short term goals: List what you'd like to have accomplished within the next six (6) months. These items may include registering for education/courses you need, meeting with financial and legal professionals to discuss your expenses/finances/necessary documents, and easing out of your current situation/job or making room in your life to slide in your Purpose Project. Put a "done by" date next to each item.

  • Long term goals: This is a list of what your end goals are, as you see them right now. These will differ for everyone and only you can make a list of these and their "done by" dates. Your discussions with others in your purpose field will help you here.

In the coming blogs we'll talk more about goals and other topics including: Support - building your network Finances - putting your financial plan in order Action - specific steps and a detailed timeline If you want to brainstorm, or just need an ear, I'm always available at Here's to doing more of what you love - SOON!

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